Interestingly enough, all things do converge in your favor so long as you keep the faith in the positive nature of your actions and the universe’s willingness to reciprocate. 

Go beyond the constraints of what you understand of yourself or of the world based on other people’s opinions. Dare to have a different definition, and dare to have the ambition to redefine your understanding, to re-wire, to reprogram. 

If you follow me long enough, or trace my writing far back enough, you’ll get that for me, music is a spiritual pursuit before it is any other thing we might want it to be. There’s a book called “The Power of Now” which talks about fostering the ability to be present in every moment, regardless of your past or imagined future, and just live in the now. To allow your mind to abandon all worries, all failures and fear, and just know that the present reality is all that you have. For me, music does this. When I play guitar nothing else matters. Time is infinitely subdivided and y only impetus is for my fingers, ears, and my melodic voice inside to act in concert at that moment. Presence. 

And the practice of music is humility to understand that with patience, time, reflection, and effort we can learn to do incredible things.  When I practice for 20 minutes with intention, I am no longer the same as I was when I started. And if I practice like this every day for a year, I am constantly evolving…a lifetime? 

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