Classical Guitar Lessons in Denver and Online

Craig Winston teaches guitar lessons in Denver. He holds a Master of Music degree in Classical Guitar Performance. Take classical guitar lessons, jazz, rock or metal with a master guitarist in-person and online.

Classical Guitar Lessons Denver Craig Winston

Craig Winston

Classical Guitarist - MM, BFA, BA

"Music is an exciting, lifelong odyssey. The core strength of every student is that initial spark that inspires the journey."

Guitar Lessons Should Be Fun

I began playing guitar because I loved the kinetic energy of heavy metal music. That initial spark lit a fire in me for a lifelong pursuit of music. Every student begins their study for similar reasons. I aim to cultivate your excitement for music and help you journey even further beyond. 

Lessons from a Professional Guitarist

I hold a Master of Music degree in Classical Guitar Performance from the Lamont School of Music at University of Denver. I perform a variety of music from classical  to jazz, rock and metal to musical theater. I have a wealth of experience and expertise to help my students succeed, no matter their goal.

Guitar Lessons: Personalized for your goals

Guitar lessons will be personalized to your goals. I have students studying classical guitar and others learning classic rock, metal, jazz, even songwriting. I'm thrilled when my students find the confidence to join bands, perform at open mics, or audition for music school. 

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Craig is an awesome instructor with a wide, versatile range of skills and knowledge about every genre. Whether it’s Bach or shredding metal, he can help break down your favorite songs and show you how to play them!” - Marie Krueger, current student


Music Theory: Fundamentals to boost success

You will learn music fundamentals, note reading, and theory applied to the music we study together. I teach these concepts from the guitarist's perspective and help you improve your musicianship skills with each new piece of music. Within a short time you will have an informed understanding of music theory.